Advanced Humanoid Robots

New relationship between
Human and Robot

The Q-Link App along with the robot gives the user a
smart home, meaning a more convenient life.
Security Robot for Home

Intelligent Life

Your mobile phone is not only a remote control for Sanbot, but also a great way to manage all smart home appliances.

Keeping the Home Safe

Sanbot's facial recognition technology will memorize all family members. You can control Sanbot remotely using the App. Sanbot is a reliable guard when you are away from home. If a break-in occurs or a fire starts, Sanbot will send out an alert and you will be notified via the App.

Robotics in Healthcare

Entertainment and Fun

The APP store has apps for everyone.
You can download any APP you like from the store. Sanbot's app store has hundreds to choose from. You can ask Sanbot to turn on the 720P laser projector to play the movie you would like to watch, and share your awesome Sanbot home theatre moments with your family and friends.

Robotics Education in School

Texts into Voice

When you text your friend in the APP, Sanbot will say it via voice. Communication is now more fun.

sanbot robot

Easier Communications

Q-Link supports real-time communication for you and your friends in Contacts. You can send text messages, videos, pictures, or voice to make communicating easy.

Safe Mega Storage

Add this after "Your data is secure" If you choose to use your own cloud, you can. Sanbot is an Open API robot; this means you can connect Sanbot to your private cloud.

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