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Brand Story

About Sanbot

Sanbot is an intelligent, humanoid service robot developed by Qihan Technology, a company focused on innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence, and data analysis . The result of years of research and development, the new Sanbot platform will unleash the power of cloud-enabled robotics and AI for retailers, hoteliers, schools, nursing homes and operators in many other customer-oriented industries to deliver smarter and more personalized services.

As a catalyst of service innovations and business productivity, Sanbot is taking robotics technology mainstream by cooperating with IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa and Nuance. With an open API that enables developers to build Android applications that harness Sanbot’s powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities, businesses will deliver more interactive and richer services that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Powered by Qihan

QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd.

Since its establishment in 2006, QIHAN Technology Co. Ltd. has provided the globe numerous automated intelligent products thanks to the extraordinary products and strong R&D capability. R&D is vital to any tech company and this is why QIHAN invests over 10% of annual revenue into our amazing R&D department. This investment has paid off. QIHAN has over 200 patents in Machine Vision Recognition, Multi-axis Automatic Control, Big Data Analysis, and more. Having gained a strong foothold in China, QIHAN is now going global with the Sanbot, QIHAN cloud, and the Q-Link mobile App to have a positive impact on the world.

QIHAN Laboratory

Adhering to international standards, the QIHAN Laboratory is a beautiful and clean area that observes environmental best practices. QIHAN has adopted an advanced and new style of management system that promotes production quality and efficiency. This system lays the foundation for improving the production capacity while still having the advantages of a strong R&D department.

Research Institute

The QIHAN Research Institute is an international and specialized hi-tech research institute. The research institute is made up of five sections: Intelligent Robot Technical Research, Advanced Intelligent Sensor System Research, Internet Big Data Center, Optical Laboratory, Quality Testing Lab.

Each section of the QIHAN Research Institute does their part for the robotics industry innovation technology platform, structuring the domestic advanced robotics technical innovation system, and create and push new intelligent robot products. The goal is to provide multi-faceted technical services for personnel training, technological innovation, research achievements, transformations, and international scientific and technological exchanges in cooperation with China’s robotics industry.

R&D Team

QIHAN has over 350 senior engineers with years of research experience. They have been working on artificial intelligence, 3D navigation, multi-axis control, machine vision, facial recognition, intelligent sensor system, neural networks, voice interaction, intelligent information system, and more. This elite team has undertaken numerous key projects such as: Chinese national 863 Projects, S&T Special projects, and other projects in the robotics industry. They have published roughly 1,000 hi-level theses and gained roughly 100 domestic and international patents.

Core Technology

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a part of biological characteristic recognition technology. This technology is widely used by governments, armies, banks, social welfare offices, E-commerce, security, and other areas. Facial recognition includes a series of related technologies related to face image acquisition, face location, facial recognition, pre-processing, identity verification, identity search, and more.

Object Recognition

The application of multi-colored video devices, 3D sensor camera, metadata, and other non-visual signals are able to understand objects in their surrounding environment accurately and identify and analyze the environment and the objects in that environment.

Machine Vision Algorithm

Machine vision is the technology that can read the contents in the image automatically through computer algorithms, which include image segmentation (ex- Microsoft office’s background removal function), image retrieval, facial detection focusing, capture human kinect action, and more.


SLAM, or Simultaneous localization and mapping, means that robots can localize their position and posture through repetitive detection map features such as corners, columns, etc while in motion when deployed in an unknown area. Then, the map builds incrementally according to self-location, and therefore achieves the goal of localization and mapping at the same time.

Natural Voice Interaction

Using the core of natural language processing and semantic comprehension, Sanbot integrates voice recognition and other technologies and bases on the Q&A database of human-robot interactions for quick responses to real-time information through Internet crawl module, and therefore achieve humanoid interactions among various devices, which greatly expands the interactive scope of intelligent service robots, improves, and enriches the user experience of intelligent service robots.

Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis

As the bottom of computing resource, Cloud computing supports upper big data processing and offers storage space and access to big data. The developing trend of the big data is real-time interactive inquiring efficiency and analysis ability, which enables big data to create the ultimate value.

Multi-axis Automation Control

Multi-axis robot can achieve automatic control, repetitive programming, multi-degree of freedom, freedom of movement, spatial right-angle relation, multipurpose, and more features. Multi-axis automation control has the capacity for an easy and secure operation, wide range of horizontal and vertical motion, location accuracy, high-weight grab, and many more advantages. It can also simulate complex transportation movements in harsh working environments.

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