Qihan Cloud is a Cloud service QIHAN Technology released. Based on QIHAN's powerful IT advantage, Qihan Cloud is capable to offer various IT service anytime and anywhere. It supports the interconnection among different Qihan hardware to realize the functions of storage, computing, and interaction. What's more, Qihan Cloud can offer higher-quality, more convenient Cloud space and service resources, realizing the seamless link-up among human, intelligent hardware and application scenarios. In the near future, Qihan Cloud will connect various industries, go into hundreds of thousands of families and bring them more comprehensive and abundant Cloud service experience.

Efficient Cloud Service

Qihan Cloud creates one of the most suitable Cloud service systems. It solves the problem of the waste of Cloud space and reallocates storage data, improving the storage space utilization.

Convenient Storage Experience

Based on the the most advanced Internet technology, Qihan Cloud improves Cloud storage efficiency. After inputting the resources into Cloud space, users can access the data in the Cloud fast via any networked software or hardware anytime and anywhere.

Abundant Internet Resources

Besides the real-time information, images and videos, Qihan Cloud can offer abundant Internet entertainment resources such as the Himalayan FM, Story Teller, and Kugou Music, etc.

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