Sanbot’s advanced software and software systems will take education into the future. From elementary school, to high school and university, the Sanbot Elf open API robot can be programmed to help educate students of all academic levels.

Education at Home

In addition to all of the smart home services, Sanbot Elf can teach kids to sing, dance, paint, and help them with their native language or learning another language. With a 1080P touchscreen and 720p laser projector, the intelligent educational robot can play a series of education materials for children, enriching their knowledge even when they are not in school.

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In schools, Sanbot Elf ’s facial recognition helps with tracking and recording students’ attendance records. Parents can receive instant notice through the mobile APP Q-Link once their children are in school and when they leave school. This gives parents comfort in knowing where their children are. At big school events, the attendee’s check-in and stored record are easy for the organizer to count the rate of attendance.

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Education in Classroom

Sanbot Elf teaching assistant records all the contents the teacher uses, which enables students to learn about the material they may have missed in class. Sanbot Elf robot education’s incredible features will transform the classroom into an interactive learning environment.

Programmable Humanoid Robot, Programmable Robots for Education

Remote Education/Conference

Distance has not been the barrier for communication for some time. Sanbot Elf will help shrink the gap a little more. Teachers can use programmable education robot to still teach their students even if they are not present in the classroom.

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Education Management

Day dreaming and drifting away from the lecture is a common trait among students. Sanbot Elf advanced robot can record a classroom lecture and teachers keep the student’s attention on the material and not, what is for lunch.

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