Without a doubt, healthcare is pretty important to the entire world. Contrary to what some may believe, healthcare does not always happen in hospital. Sanbot Elf robot in healthcare is ready to help elevate this vital industry in all settings.


Misfortune happens occasionally. It is a bad scenario when you cannot be there for a loved one 24 hours a day no matter if he or she is at a hospital or at home. Now, using Sanbot Elf intelligent robot’s communication abilities, you can make a tele-presence video call to them from wherever you are.

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Elderly Care

Whether at home or the nursing home, Sanbot Elf is very helpful. No need to worry about your loved one being alone. With mobile App Q-Link, Sanbot Elf can monitor their vitals and send you a message if there is any abnormal change. Upon receiving the message, use Sanbot Elf’s video capabilities to communicate with your loved one to make sure they are ok. Have the intelligent personal robot remind you when to take your medicine and when to go to the doctor, dentist, etc. The intelligent robot can also provide entertainment, ensuring an enjoyable time.

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Patient Education

A patient may not know about the necessary healthcare knowledge that is crucial to improving their health. Sanbot Elf intelligent robot can educate a patient on what they should pay attention to, thus helping them recover faster. The patient can receive the necessary education from anywhere.

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Simple Diagnosis

A doctor’s time is very valuable, and it’s not productive to diagnose a simple ailment that can be cured using over the counter medicine. Sanbot Elf will help solve this issue. With Sanbot Elf’s AI and deep learning capabilities, doctors can use the advanced medical robot to help in diagnosing patients, remembering the complex surgical procedure, and recommending medicines.

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Waiting Times

Sanbot Elf’s Q&A function means a faster check in for patients. The hospital can worry about helping patients, instead of giving them forms to fill out, which Sanbot Elf is able to handle this task. Also, while patients are waiting, Sanbot Elf programmable robot is able to give them healthcare knowledge, sing, dance, or play a movie to keep a calm mood in the waiting room.

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