If you are running a company, hotel, bank or any other business, using a robot elevates the front desk or lobby to a more advanced level, becoming more splendid and classier. But, using a robot that just looks good will not effectively elevate your business. Sanbot Elf is both good looking and performs real services for your hospitality businesses.

Queueing services

Everyone strives for a priority service during the rush hours. These busy times create a messy scene. Sanbot Elf intelligent service robot will help alleviate the situation by guiding customers to the correct line. While people are waiting in line, Sanbot Elf is free to dance, joke, and interact with customers or broadcast special promotional material. The advanced service robot helps with crowd management, improving human staff’s working efficiency effectively.

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Customer Reception

Sanbot Elf not only says simple greetings like “Hello”, and “Nice to meet you”, but with IBM Watson AI powering intelligent system, the commercial humanoid robot is capable in communicating in 28 languages, eliminating the language barriers of different countries & areas and making the communication process easy and hassle free. Sanbot’s advanced language function will make you forget that you are talking with a robot.

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Promotional Services

In a hotel, if you like Sanbot Elf intelligent robot and want a personal robot experience, then you are in luck! Sanbot Elf will follow you to your room and help make sure your customer experience is perfect. Using voice commands, mobile APP, or touchscreen, you can easily give orders to this intelligent humanoid robot such as ordering takeout food, SPA service, movies, and which spots to go to. You can enjoy these services immediately when you arrive at the hotel.

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Professional Consulting Services

Human staff can get tired answering the same questions repeatedly, so the answer may be heard as dismissive. Don’t worry, because Sanbot Elf will not feel tired. For banks, tax bureaus, customs inspections, or courts, the service robot is able to interpret and lead customers to right service window, and it can transfer customers to a human if a question is not programmed. 3,000, 10,000, or 20,000 questions, a smile will never leave Sanbot Elf’s face.

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Repetitive Business Processing

Sanbot Elf is capable of handling repetitive business services. The robotic receptionist will instruct customers to operate business on the self-service machine in the bank, tax bureau and other service hall, saving massive labor costs. Also, Sanbot can distribute electronic coupons and promotional deals to attract more new customers and enhancing customer stickiness on special days, which is easily handled by Sanbot Elf.

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Remote Surveillance/Management

Sanbot’s mobile APP, Q-Link, enables retailers to monitor their hall 24 hours a day. Sanbot Elf autonomous robot can be set to patrol your hall and it will send an alert to your Q-Link APP automatically if any abnormal activity is monitored. Meanwhile, you can remotely manage and control the robot to monitor your hotel anytime and anywhere.

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Multi-service Platform System (MPS)

MPS solution is a truly unique, one of a kind centralized management system that enables businesses to control and monitor their fleet of interactive Sanbot Elf service robots from anywhere – bringing personalized communications and services to companies worldwide. With MPS, businesses can customize and create tasks for the intelligent robots on a PC, tablet, or smartphone and issue these tasks to a fleet of Sanbot Elf over the Qihan cloud.

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