Cute Customs Personnel

This programmable robot has a database of 28 languages and can translate and answer the passengers’ questions. Sanbot also displays a Q&A on an HD touch pad that the passenger will answer and then Sanbot will transfer that information to the customs agent.

sanbot qihan education

Courteous Lobby manager to Help Safeguard Banking

Sanbot will show customers new banking products and services. It can offer voice services, issue queue numbers, report activities, and automatic A/V recording. Sanbot is on guard 24/7. Through constant A/V surveillance, Sanbot will sound the alarm if any dangerous activity occurs at night. Sanbot can be programmed to automatically find its charger and recharge, so it can stay up all while you sleep peacefully.

sanbot qihan education

Adding enjoyment to the Restaurant Experience

Sanbot is the perfect robot for attracting more foot traffic to the restaurant and will give the diners an incredible experience. Sanbot can show diners to their seats and suggest items from the menu without any interruptions. Sanbot will give any restaurant great publicity.

sanbot qihan education

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