Sanbot Cloud-enabled Service Robot

Customize the screensaver

Advantage: Increase brand awareness, maintain brand image

Sanbot offers customized themes and screensavers for better displaying your brand. While the screen is not in sceensaver mode, the screen can display brand information, allowing merchants to increase brand visibility and publicity.

Introduce and Showcase Products

Advantage: More products are delivered faster than conventional means

Using data about store products, Sanbot can introduce a store’s product to the customer. Bringing consumers a new experience and raising the number of purchased items.

Advertisement Promotional Mode

Advantage: Eye catching, increase customer stickiness

Sanbot can sing and display promotional materials. And because Sanbot is a robot, it will not become tired after promoting materials all day. Advertisement promotional mode lasts all day.

Greeting Mode

Advantage: Proactively greets customers

Combining facial recognition and human body induction functions, Sanbot can find customers, welcome them to the store, and help them have a great experience.

Exhibition Mode

Advantage: Moving billboard + speaker. The perfect method for promotional activities

Sanbot can move about freely. While broadcasting information, Sanbot will avoid any obstacle, making it ideal for exhibitions or any other activities that require Sanbot to be mobile and promote a business.

Entertainment Mode

Advantage: Attract Customers

While the customers are waiting in line, Sanbot can entertain them by dancing or letting customers play games using Sanbot. This will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Remote Surveillance/Management

Advantage: Access Sanbot or Sanbot’s cameras anytime on the Sanbot App, Q-Link

Set Sanbot’s patrol route remotely using auxiliary devices. Sanbot supports remote surveillance. See the store’s situation anytime, anywhere. You can remotely manage Sanbot and control Sanbot, reducing a manager’s workload and raising the efficiency of the store.

Future Plan of MPS for Retail

sanbot robot

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