QIHAN Sanbot Elf began strategic cooperation with IBM at Watson Developer Conference 2016


On November 9~10th, 2016, the IBM Watson Developer Conference (or WDC) opened grandly in San Francisco. The hi-tech attracted over 1000 developers, coders, and builders’ coming to discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning APIs are helping people build better applications. Sanbot Elf intelligent robot, one of the only 2 invited robot suppliers, attended this meaningful conference.

Qihan sanbot

IBM, famous to the tech industry, is the first-rate cloud-computing enterprise, and its artificial intelligent layout leads in the world in this industry. WDC 2016 held in San Francisco becomes the new weather vane in AI industry.

In addition to Sanbot humanoid robot’s charming appearance, it is capacity of Human-robot voice interaction, Facial Recognition, Smart Home Management, Self-learning Evolution, Auto Self-Recharging. It can be programmed by vertical developers to apply to retail, hospitality, healthcare, security, education and other intelligent scenarios.

With this API conference, Qihan Sanbot Elf publicized its earlier-released Sanbot ROS, which is the leading open API humanoid operation system. By virtual of its agility, security, intelligence and more advantages, Sanbot Elf has been recognized fast by Euramerican hi-tech enterprises, and it is global-acknowledged unique mass-production platform robot hardware terminal.

intelligent robot

IBM CTO Robert High supervising Sanbot + IBM solution

Sanbot Elf’s debut at the WDC 2016, is a strong signal of the combination of IBM and Sanbot Elf’s open-API platform. There are also a number of senior leaders attending the conference, who also give the positive speeches about the current condition and prospective developing trend of artificial intelligence, demonstrating its new developing directions.

Watson Developer Conference 2016

IBM CEO giving the speech at WDC

service robot

The API leader IBM Chief Scientist Grady Booch’s photograph with Sanbot Vice President

Sanbot ROS system can realize remote control management, data storage and analysis, third-party’s data integration, hardware socialize and other hi-tech service, speeding up the business intelligence and volume. Sanbot Elf’s being invited by IBM at WDC, assists platform humanoid robot to be the main orientation of prospective AI industry, as well as improved the Sanbot Elf’s influence and developmental structure in the global world.

Sanbot Elf open API platform humanoid robot has been customized to apply to airport, hotel, supermarket, agriculture auto management, customs inspection and hospitality, Public Square and received high praises from Chinese senior officials. In 2017, Qihan will implement the oversea localization strategy. With open and win-win attitude, we are to set up 100+ sales and service stations in global developed countries & areas, offer platform humanoid robot solutions for 1000 enterprises & units, and provide higher service quality and better service experience.

We are here looking forwards to your joining-in to be our win-win partner.

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