Traditional brick and mortar retail stores are seeing a decline in revenue. Promotional costs rise, while customer satisfaction sinks, which creates a steady fall in foot traffic. The fact is that traditional promotion methods and activities are not effective any more. Sanbot retail service robot is effective, and it will usher retail stores into the future.

Public Services

Customer service is vital to a store’s success. Sanbot Elf will help the human staff with a whole host of tasks that are needed to give each customer perfect customer service. From helping families with baby carriages and the disabled with wheelchairs (or other modes of transportation), to helping customers find the right service, these services and more will be completed to perfection with Sanbot Elf service robot.

Sanbot Retail Service Robots,Humanoid Service Robots,Commercial Robots

Customer Reception

With the convenience of online shopping, traditional stores must give the customers an experience that will have them coming back. Sanbot Elf is not just a humanoid robot that will greet the customer with just a touchpad but will talk to them. A simple line such as, “What can I do for you?” begins a cordial conversation between a customer and the intelligent robot receptionist, which is an enjoyable and an unforgettable service and experience to customers. Why? Because, Sanbot Elf intelligent robot sparks the conversation through voice, rather than solely relying on the touch panel, giving the customer a fresh and exciting experience. With AI system powered by IBM Watson, the customer can choose from nearly 30 languages only using their voice. All they have to do is speak and Sanbot will listen.

Sanbot Retail Service Robots,Humanoid Service Robots,Commercial Robots

Product Introduction

The traditional salesperson in offline retail is not attractive to customers. Sanbot Elf service robot in a store is able to introduce your product in a way that the customer will remember and will peak their interest. Through on-screen visuals and voice, Sanbot will help you sell your products, and you will see them fly off the shelves.

Sanbot Retail Service Robots,Humanoid Service Robots,Commercial Robots

Activity Promotion

Do you have a special event, or special sale? Then, Sanbot Elf service robots are indispensable in helping your store promote this event/sale. The dancing, singing, flashing lights and eye-catching movements will attract massive amounts of onlookers to come to your store immediately, and the more people that show up, the more the sales of products rises, enhancing the customer stickiness and sales value.

Sanbot Retail Service Robots,Humanoid Service Robots,Commercial Robots


If your retail is in a market stall and there are numerous competitors around you, a robotic advertising board will spare you from the crowd. With the information you want introduced through striking visuals and broadcasted by voice, Sanbot Elf humanoid robot is the best moving advertising board to potential customers and it will become a reason for people coming to your business.

Online Payment

Today, online payments are fundamental for retail businesses: Sanbot Elf shopping robot supports online payment via a QR code displayed on the screen. On special days or for special events, retailers can set and distribute electronic coupons to consumers and Sanbot Elf will help with the write-offs when collecting payment. What’s more, Sanbot Elf intelligent robot can process membership cards recharge cards to enhance the customers’ stickiness plus, issue a questionnaire and collect the data for big data analysis, helping retailers see the trends so they can improve and sleep easy at night.

Sanbot Retail Service Robots,Humanoid Service Robots,Commercial Robots

Remote Surveillance/Management

Sanbot’s mobile APP, Q-Link, enables retailers to monitor their shop 24 hours a day. Sanbot Elf autonomous robot can be set to patrol your retail shop and it will send an alert to your Q-Link APP automatically if any abnormal activity is monitored. Meanwhile, you can remotely manage and control Sanbot Elf to monitor your store anytime and anywhere.

Sanbot Retail Service Robots,Humanoid Service Robots,Commercial Robots

Multi-service Platform System (MPS)

MPS solution is a truly unique, one of a kind centralized management system that enables businesses to control and monitor their fleet of interactive Sanbot Elf service robots from anywhere – bringing personalized communications and services to companies worldwide. With MPS, businesses can customize and create tasks for Sanbot on a PC, tablet, or smartphone and issue these tasks to a fleet of Sanbot Elf over the Qihan cloud.

Sanbot Retail Service Robots,Humanoid Service Robots,Commercial Robots

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