Sanbot Cloud-enabled Service Robot

Sanbot Max

Super Assistant for Hospitality

Sanbot Max humanoid service robot is especially designed for government affairs, businesses, enterprises
and other hospitality scenarios, to improve the working accuracy and efficiency.

Strength and Intelligence

With a more powerful self-learning ability, more accurate operation standards,
faster moving speeds, more strength, Sanbot Max intelligent robot is a
well-trained and fully-devoted super assistant for any company.

Superior Visual Technology

Sanbot Max is equipped with multiple HD cameras, visual cameras, 3D cameras, highly accurate visual location and recognition functions. In addition, the advanced AI robot is fused with the most advanced facial analysis & recognition technology as well as fast-moving obstacle recognition technology.
sanbot robot Superior Interaction Experience

Sanbot Max is able to locate and recognize a voice from a range of 360 degrees and 5 meters; it can integrate multiple semantics solutions and be customized with a defined language package for a special industry.
Sanbot intelligent robot
Highly-efficient Independent Movements

Combining 3D SLAM technology and an advanced obstacle avoidance strategy, Sanbot Max is able to perform location, mapping, route setting, and autonomous navigation.
Sanbot intelligent robot
Easy Access

With multiple commercial external interfaces built into Sanbot Max, users can easily access a 4G network, mobile storage, and Sanbot Max supports ZigBee standard protocol.
Sanbot intelligent robot
Secure and Automatic Recharging

Batter life: Runtime=10 hours, Standby=20 hours; Sanbot Max will automatically recharge safely.

Agile Mover

360 degrees All-oriented Walking

Using four-wheel drive and the advanced design of the Mecanum wheel,
Sanbot Max is able to move with ease with no limits,
360-degrees, and contains the advantages of excellent turning
capabilities and towing capacity.

Moving in a Complex Interior Environment

Sanbot Max’s moving speed can reach 5m/s (humans’ average
walking speed is around 1.5m/s). Integrating the most advanced
obstacle-avoidance technology that uses 3D laser visual, Infrared,
ultrasonic, and the other multi-sensor obstacle avoidance technologies,
Sanbot Max robot can move autonomously and freely in a
complex interior environment.

Human-like Appearance

Sanbot Max has human-like arms. The entire arm (shoulders,
wrists, fingers) has 20 degrees of movement, and it can simulate
human’s dexterity.

Exceptionally Strong

Powerful carrying and Towing Capacity

Sanbot Max is able to carry objects weighing more than 75KG thanks to Sanbot Max’s ability to autonomously adjust its center of gravity. This feature is unique to the entire robotic industry.

Amazing Dispatcher

The brackets on the front of Sanbot Max’s body can hook up to different-size trays, storage boxes, and large monitors/screens.

Cargo Delivery

With a chassis equipped with a towing hook, Sanbot Max is able to deliver cargo.

Customer Receptionist

Sanbot Max is the perfect receptionist. Why? Excellent communication abilities, pleasant greetings, custom and independent greetings, promoter, answers questions, facial/voice recognition. All of these features will enhance any bossiness’s customer service.

Intelligent Guide

Sanbot Max is able to set a directed route, lead tours interpret and answer the inquiries accurately according to the business requirements in shopping malls, exhibition centers, hotels, museums, hospitals, airports, train stations, and other service scenarios.

Marvelous Dispatcher

As a dispatcher, Sanbot Max’s main job is to deliver materials in an enterprise. This may include hotels, caterers, and more. Sanbot Max can equip the proper tray or storage box according customer’s request, object’s size and weight. Plus, the automatic service robot will not stop until it has delivered the package, ensuring no one but the intended recipient receives the package.

Cargo Carrying Assistant

Sanbot Max has the ability to carry objects up to 75kg with maximum speed reaches 5m/s. It can avoid obstacles, autonomous mapping, finishing the delivery via the perfect integration of its cameras, infrared, ultrasonic, and other sensors plus, the 3D SLAM technology. When the battery is low, Sanbot Max autonomous robot can independently find the charging station and recharge

Various Changes for Different Scenarios

Sanbot Max – A Perfect Super Assistant for an Enterprise

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