Sanbot Cloud-enabled Service Robot

Sanbot Nano with Amazon Alexa

Sanbot Nano is designed for all of your smart home needs. This robot comes with an advanced voice interaction system, high quality speakers, and terrific communication functions, making Sanbot Nano the next member of the family.

Free your hands

· Sanbot Nano is equipped voice localization technology, so the robot will always face you when you are giving it a command.
· Ask Sanbot Nano to turn on the TV, give you the weather forecast, remind you of any tasks or appointments or tasks you have for the day, and more.

*Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its a liates.

· Ask Sanbot Nano to play a specific song, artist, genre, or streaming service.
· Turn on/off the lights or any other smart home device with just your voice. Sanbot Nano connects your smart home devices.

Note: Add more skills to enable Sanbot Nano to have even more capabilities like ordering dinner, requesting a car service, and more.

Smart Home Assistant

· Make hands-free video calls to anyone who has an Echo Show, Alexa App, or Q-link App, and make voice calls to anyone who has an Echo or Echo Dot.

· Use Q-Link, the Sanbot mobile App, to turn on Sanbot’s camera and control Sanbot’s movements, allowing you to monitor any part of your home.
· Once connected to Q-Link, several Sanbot Nanos can be easily controlled.

Family Entertainment

· Sanbot Nano lets you play somatic games, which is especially helpful for daily exercises.
· A Hi-def sound system and multiple colored lights means Sanbot will bring the party anywhere.

App Store with countless apps

· Sanbot Nano has an Android based Open API system, which is open to app developers from all over the world.
· You can directly search for the app you need in Sanbot's App Store.

Excellent Features

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