Entrance Management

If you want to enter a security area without Sanbot Elf’s permission, forget it! After the authorized human staff’s data is inputted into the robot, the Sanbot gatekeeper will never let a stranger pass. The intelligent security robot will jointly sound the alarm to inform the senior manager or call the police once a stranger intrudes, which effectively protects the property and people.

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Remote Surveillance/Management

Sanbot’s mobile APP, Q-Link, enables users to monitor their room/store 24 hours a day. Sanbot Elf can be set to patrol your room autonomously and it will send an alert to your Q-Link APP automatically if any abnormal activity is monitored. Meanwhile, you can remotely manage and control Sanbot Elf intelligent robot to monitor your store anytime and anywhere.

APP controlled robot, Artificial Intelligence Robotics

Safety Inspection

At customs, airports, or train stations, it is of great importance to fight against crimes and guarantee travelers’ safety. Once a criminal’s data is inputted into its system, Sanbot Elf security guard robot’s facial recognition easily captures the facial image and recognizes if the person is a criminal or not, fighting against crime effectively.

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People Search

Unfortunately, people go missing a lot. Many times this happens in crowded places such as hospital, large-scale conference, noisy markets, or other similar settings. Sanbot advanced AI robot’s facial recognition function can recognize if someone is the missing person after capturing a people’s facial image from an ID card, even if the image is several years old.

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