Sanbot Cloud-enabled Service Robot

Size Approximately: 4.8 ft (H) x 2.5 ft (W) x 2.0 ft (D)
(1455mm x 765mm x 615mm)
height includes wheels

Weight 220.46 lbs / 100Kg

Battery Lithium battery/36V/1.6KW/18 hours (runtime)

Primary Sensors Touch
Ultrasonic sensor
3D vision
RGB vision
Black and white vision
Encoding disk

Display 1080P, 10.1 inch touchscreen

Degrees of Freedom Head: x3
Arm: x10
Palm: x10
Foot: x4


Max Freight Weight 165.35 lbs/ 75 Kg

Moving 4-wheel drive
(External wheel motor and Mecanum wheel)

Max Speed 16.4 ft/second; 5 m/second

Vertical Jump 1.77 in/4.5 cm


Microphone x7
Eye Display OLED x2
Background lights RGB x2
Speakers Tweeter x2
Degrees of movement x3 (Horizontal 180 degrees, Vertical 90 degrees)
HD camera 720Px1
Visual Camera x1
3D Camera x1
Lighting LED Light x1
Touch Sensor x1


Display 10.1-inch 1080P touch screen
HD Camera x1
PIR x2
Ultrasonic sensor x2
Speakers Tweeter x2
Touch sensor x2
Backside Cover • Type-A USB x2
• Micro USB x1
• Dial Switch x2
Front Side Cover • AC 220V Power Outlet x1
• HDMI Port x1
• Type-A USB x1
• DC 12V Port x1
• RJ45 Ethernet Port x1
• AUDIO IN Port x1
• I2C Interface x1
Support Frame Pressure transducer x1

Arm (x2)

Degrees of Freedom x5
Touch Sensor x4
Infrared Infrared Distance Sensor x3
Background Light x1


Wheels External Wheel Hub Motor and Mecanum Wheel x4
Infrared Infrared Distance Sensor x18
Ultrasonic Sensor x6
3D Camera x4
Vision Camera x1
Subwoofer x1
Drawbar x1
On/Off Switch x1
Charging Port x1
Charging Indicator Light x1
Turn Signal x3
Magnetic Sensor x2
RJ45 Ethernet Port x1
DC 12V Port x1
AUDIO IN Port x1

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